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Base products are made using only the fragrances of blended pure aroma therapeutic essential oils, butters and carrier oils. The blended pure oil combinations are selected to promote positive wellbeing, either inducing relaxation, stimulation or a combination of both!
Should you require, any product can be custom made especially for you by adding any fragrance you'd like.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Essential of the Day... Clary Sage

Countries of Origin: America, England, France, Morocco, Russia.

Characteristics: It has sweet, musky, herbaceous top notes and nutty almost floral undertones. It blends well with citruses, and also with lavender, coriander, cardamom, frankincense, jasmine, pine, geranium, cedarwood palmarosa.  

Main Therapeutic Properties: Anti-convulsive, anti-depressive, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative, digestive, sedative, and numerous others.

According to The Aromatherapy Bible by Gill Farrer-Halls..."Clary sage is the most euphoric of the essential oils, and it can produce an almost drug like narcotic "high". Combined with it's pronounced antidepressant qualities, this euphoria makes it a powerful aid to easing depression, melancholia, anxiety, stress and chronic general dissatisfaction. Overall, Clary sage is intoxicating, sensuous and uplifting.  

Trust me, I can attest to the above statements truth! Just the other night I inhaled a mixture of Clary sage and Rosemary before I went to bed(Rosemary is supposed to aid in meditation and clearing the mind... More about Rosemary in a later post.) Not more than a minute with my eyes closed did I begin to feel really relaxed! And then in the next minute... Well...Let me say... between you and me... I felt something in places that I will not mention here. Needless to say... I am a believer! 

One of the most valuable essential oils for treating menstrual cramps, clary sage in baths or hot compresses on the abdomen relaxes mind and body, eases pain and it's estrogenic action helps to bring on and regulate menstruation.

Clary sage also helps to treat menopausal symptoms, and can be used, in childbirth in a massage oil during early labor. It is an aphrodisiac, especially good for those who are so stressed that their sexuality has diminished." (What I tell you!)

It is said that it also relieves asthma when massaged over the chest and back, and added to shampoo or massaged into the scalp, it can prevent dandruff and balance sebum levels... beneficial to all skin and hair types. It can also reduce excessive sweating when used in a foot bath or bath. 

Gill-Farrer goes on to write: "Psychologically, clary sage is deeply relaxing, euphoric and revitalizing. Used in small quantities, it is a useful aid in meditation, and facilitates dream work by encouraging powerful and vivid dreams. Clary sage helps strengthen subtle energies and divine inspiration."  

Contraindications: Avoid throughout pregnancy. Do not use before or after drinking alcohol.

Who needs Viagra and whatever that other artificial female stimulant when you can take a few whiffs of Clary Sage to get your Mojo back? ;) 

As Always, Be You... Live You... Love You!

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