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It is my hope and intention to inspire you on your journey of finding your true self... To encourage and help you to nurture your total well being by providing you with knowledge that I have learned and am learning in my day to day journey to my own authenticity... To also provide you with products made with love, care and the best ingredients nature has to offer!
Ella Mae's Seventh Child Essentials are all natural hair and body products made to order in small batches. They are made using no harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives.
Base products are made using only the fragrances of blended pure aroma therapeutic essential oils, butters and carrier oils. The blended pure oil combinations are selected to promote positive wellbeing, either inducing relaxation, stimulation or a combination of both!
Should you require, any product can be custom made especially for you by adding any fragrance you'd like.

I hope you are inspired with every post... That you take with you something positive to carry with you on your path toward your authentic Wholeness~

Please feel free to contact me at ellamaes7th@gmail.com about placing orders, product information, ingredients and usage.

Be You... Live You... Love You!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring My Beautiful Butterflies! I hope you are all finally breaking free of those dark dreary cocoons?! I know the largest organ of your bodies are begging for soul nourishing sunshine and plenty of TLC from you. And besides, we're coming up on skin bearing sundress and sandal season!!( LET THE CHOIR SANG!!!) So first of all, make sure you're getting your insides nice and clean by eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and staying hydrated with lots and lots of water. Now that that's in check... Get your exfoliating on so all that new beauty shines through. Finish it all off by applying EM-7 Balancing Tonic daily! Now that your skin is moisturized, toned, balanced and glowing... Fly Butterfly... Set the skies on fire! Make sure you take time for yourself and by all means... In~Joy the season

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love... Fearlessly!

Emerson once said... Beauty Is It's Own Excuse For Being. I agree. But I'd also like to add that Love also needs no excuse for being. It just Is! To give love to another you are in fact giving love to self. We are all reflections... each a different prism of light from The Whole. We are vehicles of this light. It infuses us daily with nourishing inner G.
When we re~member to remain aware in each moment we are balanced, we are grounded. Our bodies will instinctively only take what is needed... Our gift is to pass along what light, love, inner~G is left over. Love Fearlessly! The ability to allow oneself to be vulnerable is to be fearless... When we are fearless that our reserves of light will never diminish fully, we are able to give freely. We ebb and we flow... We gift ... We take... We love! And so this dance continues... We gift... We take... We Love... We are Fearless! What could be more beautiful than that?! No excuses! Shine On and Love Fearlessly!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Moisture...The Cure for What Ails You.

I've recently had a lot of questions from people about how to deal with overly dry skin this time of year. The dry air inside and the harsh winter winds blowing outside can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. My suggestion is always to look closely at the products you are using, the way you are using them and also to consider switching up your routine as the seasons change. Also, something else to consider is... just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you need to stop hydrating inside by continuing to drink enough water daily. Our skin and hair can get pretty parched in the winter months and needs just as much if not more hydration than ever.
Be gentle to your skin and hair. Use products that have more natural based ingredients and stay away from as many chemically based products as you can. Here is a regimen that I use, especially when I feel my skin is letting me know I need to take a break. I make chamomile tea! Now chamomile is great to drink but this regime calls for putting it on your face! Bring a cup of distilled water to boil as you would if you were making a cup of tea. You can use loose tea and a strainer if you'd like, but I use organic tea bags. After your water boils, add your tea bag and let it steep for a few minutes. Remove bag and let the tea cool. Pour cooled chamomile in a clean bottle large enough to hold 40z. of liquid or more. Next, mix about a 1/4 teaspoon of jojoba oil (which is closest to our own sebum)with 6 drops of lavender, 4 drops of tea tree and 3 drops of rosemary essential oils. Shake well. Instead of washing your face in the morning, add a few drops of your chamomile toner to a cotton ball and apply to your face. This is a great cleanser and toner in one. The jojoba oil helps to cleanse and moisturize, the essentials impart their amazing astringent and antiseptic and calming benefits, and chamomile has been said to reduce inflammation, help fight acne and other blemishes
and calm the skin as well. Use this in the morning instead of soap (Ugggg... hope you're not using soap!) or whatever you've been using. Because skin gets more abuse from being outdoors and all the other things it goes through during the day use your regular cleanser before bed but after, follow up with a wipe of your chamomile solution before you moisturize. Hey... It works for me! Here's hoping it works for you as well! Let me know. Till next time as always and in always... Be You... Do You... Love You!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year! Make it a natually beautiful one. May this be your most authentic year yet! As always..
Be You... Live You... Love You!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Never be afraid to try something new if it speaks to your heart ~

This morning I tried Aerial yoga for the first time and loved it! It was like being a child again. It was a little scary at times hanging upside down while being held by fabric hanging from the ceiling. But among other things, it was a lesson in trusting in myself and my abilities. There was an inner knowing that I would catch my own self should I fall. I was able to let go of the earth for a while and those things that can weigh me down at times. This made me feel both empowered and vulnerable all at the same time, much like a child does. And at the end of the class, lying suspended in air, wrapped in the strong soft cocoon of fabric and listening to classical music playing I was transported back to before... Fear... Misunderstanding... Hurt... Judgement and all those other things that hold us back from truly living as as our own authentic selves... I was an embryo awaiting birth into the next moment. As Always and In always... Be You... Live You... Love You.

Monday, November 12, 2012


My niece Erika posted a picture online this morning that made me really miss experiencing the spectacular colors of Autumn. Growing up in Ohio I have always loved this time of year! I call it "Sweater Weather!" The air is crisp and clean and feels so refreshing and new after coming off the humidity of summers in Cincinnati. Though living on a small island in the Caribbean is a beautiful thing (which is where I've lived mostly for the past 17 years). We do not get the in your face beauty of seasonal change like those of you in other parts of the world. You have to truly tune into the subtle feeling inside to remember sometimes that the seasons are changing here. But Nature is such a beautiful thing! And she is a constant reminder of change and the beauty that can come along with it if we are open enough to accept it... see it for what it is... GROWTH! Let the beauty of this season as well as the beauty in All seasons remind us to embrace change which is the only true constant in life. As Always and in All Ways... Be You ... Do You... Love You!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012