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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Essential of the Day... Frankincense

The rich, woodsy smell of frankincense always takes me back to when I was a child and had to attend mass at my catholic elementary school church. Although I'm no longer a practicing catholic or prescribe to any other organized religion for that matter, the smell of frankincense will probably always summon for me, memories of the ritual of mass, especially at Christmas or funerals. I always felt the smell was one the evoked a sense of mystery and wonder.

Lately, as I research different essential oils and their many benefits I am learning that the tranquil and contemplative feelings I was having at that time and still do at the smell of frankincense are very valid.

According to Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit ~ Restoring Emotional and Mental Balance with Essential Oils by Gabriel Mojay:

Frankincense played a role in the religious and domestic life of ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations. It has been perhaps the most important aromatic incense ingredient since history began. This is reflected in the fact that it's English name is derived from the medieval French word franc, meaning "pure" or "free", and the Latin incensium, "to smoke".

As for frankincense's healing properties..."Frankincense oil's most important sphere of action must be the nervous system. Here it's ability to relax yet revitalize make it excellent for treating both nervous tension and nervous exhaustion. It soothes the flow of stagnant Qi~energy whenever an accumulation of stress has led to irritability, restlessness and insomnia. As a mild tonic, it can also help to uplift, and so it is an important anti-depressive essential oil."

It is also helpful for bronchitis and asthma and relieves tightness in the chest and a has a host of other uses. It is said to have profound psychological and spiritual benefits... relieves mental agitation and worry, distraction or feelings of being overwhelmed.

Now tell me who doesn't at least get overwhelmed at some time during a work week... Guess who'll be ordering more frankincense?

As Always... Be You... Live You... Love You!

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