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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finding Balance in Truth...

Taken from The Moon Woman
You can check her out on facebook at the link below.

The Moon enters Libra on 5th April 2012 @ 3.33 pm GMT, opposite the mid-point of Mercury and Uranus. Here we see the Moon of relationship and balance in negotiation with new and profound truths that disrupt balance and rock the status quo. It can be an uncomfortable mix, but this is a strong Moon who can hold her own when she needs to. Yes, balance is important, but so is the truth, and over the next couple of days the Moon wants us to encounter both. The challenge lies in knowing where to establish balance and how to honour the truth. Often we look outside of ourselves, seeking to create balance out there, to protect our sometimes fragile inner worlds. But the truth can get left out of this equation, as we suppress it in favour of a version of reality that feels less threatening to the status quo. But now the Moon asks us to find balance within ourselves in order to be able to honour the truth, no matter what. The day after entering Libra she will be full and bright, bathing us in her silvery wisdom. So no matter how challenging the prospect of embracing and embodying the truth may feel, she tells us that now’s a good time to start. She’s right there with us, lighting the path. ‘Seek balance within’, she tells us, ‘and all else will fall into right relationship with the universe’.

Sarah Varcas Awakenings: https://www.facebook.com/AstroAwakenings

As Always... Be You... Live You... Love You!


  1. Hey sis, this is right on time for me...I have to learn to keep the balance..

  2. Hi b7j.
    I know it can be really challenging keeping our balance day to day... heck moment to moment! Maybe the key at times is to just embrace the fall. What I mean is instead of flailing our arms trying to regain balance, maybe sometimes the best thing to do is just let go and fall. No telling what position we'll fall in when we land but we will land... and if we're open to all the lessons along the fall we are much stronger for going through the process ;)

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