Welcome to Ella Mae's Seventh Child Essentials!

It is my hope and intention to inspire you on your journey of finding your true self... To encourage and help you to nurture your total well being by providing you with knowledge that I have learned and am learning in my day to day journey to my own authenticity... To also provide you with products made with love, care and the best ingredients nature has to offer!
Ella Mae's Seventh Child Essentials are all natural hair and body products made to order in small batches. They are made using no harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives.
Base products are made using only the fragrances of blended pure aroma therapeutic essential oils, butters and carrier oils. The blended pure oil combinations are selected to promote positive wellbeing, either inducing relaxation, stimulation or a combination of both!
Should you require, any product can be custom made especially for you by adding any fragrance you'd like.

I hope you are inspired with every post... That you take with you something positive to carry with you on your path toward your authentic Wholeness~

Please feel free to contact me at ellamaes7th@gmail.com about placing orders, product information, ingredients and usage.

Be You... Live You... Love You!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am like a bud just on the verge of full bloom! My "One of These Days" is coming... I can feel it in every cell of my being!!!

As Always and in All Ways...
Be You... Live You... Love You!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Balance... Walking The Tight Rope

Sometimes life seems to be pulling us from left to right and we often find it hard to stay centered. We feel torn between being in our "current" reality and the one we truly long for. We want only to feel comfortable in our own skin... To not have to go out into a world where we sometimes have to wear mask's in order to make it in a society that wants us to tow the line, look a certain way, speak a certain way, act a certain way, etc...

I know that I, on more than one occasion have struggled with this very feeling. I at times just want to say, "the heck with this job", or whatever the situation may be. But for whatever reason I find it is not the best possible time for me to bow out in that moment.
In these times I often feel anxious, tense and irritable. I find it hard to focus and I become impatient in my own process and with processes of those around me.

But eventually an intuitive feeling starts to stir in more core. It is often accompanied by an actual physical sensation. The muscles that wrap around my waist, abdomen and back that keep my center upright, are listening to that intuitive voice inside. The intuitive and physical are telling me that it is time for me to stop the struggle and listen. They are telling me to take stock of my posture...Pull it together! Am I even breathing properly?

I soften the muscles in my face, pull my head out of my shoulders, close my eyes and take a long deep breath. As I exhale I visualize the tension, the uncertainty and doubt slowly leaving my mind, my body, my being.

I regain my balance and return to my tightrope walk with the nimbleness of a Prima ballerina. I continue along a path that, though may be a little wobbly at the moment will eventually lead me to exactly where I need to be. And in this moment... it is the only reality I need to be in. The reality where I know it all passes, and things are not as bleak as I may sometimes envisioned them. Balance is what was needed. Listening to my higher self, using my mind to decipher the clues and allowing body to follow is what enables me to regain it.

Be You... Live You... Love You!
Be Well~

Monday, March 12, 2012

The key to beautiful hydrated skin...

Moisture saving Shea Butter is the main ingredient in Ella Mae's Seventh Child's Hair and Body Butters. But did you know that Shea butter is actually a great sealant? That's why I recommend using Number 7 Essentials Be Well Oil after showering or shampooing but BEFORE Using the Shea Body Butter! Using Shea Butters before moisturizing may make certain skin and hair types more vulnerable to dryness because it's harder for moisture to penetrate it.

My regimen once or twice a week:

After showering exfoliate using a liberal amount of On~Nee Raw Honey Body Scrub to the entire body paying close attention to areas of concern... elbows, knees and heels of the feet. Rinse remaining scrub away under warm water. You will feel the jojoba and essential oils on the skin but this is okay! Most of the oils will penetrate into the skin while you're toweling off.

Apply a small amount of 7 Essentials Be Well Oil while skin is still warm, slightly damp and pores are wider from the steam of your shower, this allows greater absorption. Massage excess into skin.

When needed, use a small amount of Ella Mae's Seventh Child's Body Butter in the palm of your hand. Rub hands together to warm and soften the Shea butter. The heat of your hands also releases the therapeutic aroma and benefits of the essential oils in all three products.
The Shea butter helps to seal in the moisture and beneficial essential oils. You'll love the way your skin looks and feels!

I recommend this regimen once or twice a week before getting into bed. Honestly, you may not always need the Shea butter. The oils in the On~Nee Raw Honey Scrub and the 7 Essentials Be Well Oil may be all that's needed, especially in the warmer months when the skins sebum production is higher.

If you are one of my au`natural diva's and are using the Shea Butter as a hair treatment( My relaxed diva's can use small amounts of Ella Mae's Hair and Body Butters and 7 Essential Oil on your hair too!) I also recommend using the 7 Essential Oil before applying a small amount of Butter to your hair. Again, this seals in moisture and the beneficial essentials oils and a little goes a long way!

Also... A word of caution to those of you with nut allergies... Shea Butter Does come from the Karite Nut! If you are concerned you might have a reaction to any product containing Shea please test a small area of skin before using larger amounts!

As Always... Be You ... Live You... Love You!

Essentials... Constituting or being part of the essence of something; inherent.

Today is a new day! Today is also the official launching of Ella Mae's Seventh Child!... Products that are inspired by all things natural! They are products also inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of my mother Ella Mae Price.

My mother was always using natural recipes she created herself with ingredients gathered from her own kitchen! When I was a child I would watch her as she applied egg and mayonnaise to moisturize her beautiful hair or vinegar as a clarifying rinse. She would use honey and oatmeal to firm and moisturize her skin long before the whole "all natural" craze began! I am a product of that creative self sufficient entrepreneurial spirit.
The need to incorporate nature into all that I do... To deal with the stresses of daily life while striving to stay connected to mother earth flows through my blood...It is who I am!

Ella Mae's Seventh Child are all natural using unrefined butters and oils. If desired, they can also be custom made to fit you and your needs. They are made in small batches to insure quality and consistency. I use blended pure essential oils in all the products, which right now include: Ella Mae's Seventh Child Hair and Body Butters, On~Nee Organic Raw Honey Scrubs, and Number 7 Essentials Be Well Oils.

Essential... Definition: Constituting or being part of the essence of something; inherent.

In my family there are Eleven... I Am Number Seven. A part of the essence of the Whole. We all constitute the essence of the Whole. We are Essential to the Whole! Take one away and we all lack.
Thus the name Ella Mae's Seventh Child.

Be Well~
To Inquire further about products or to place an order send emails to: ellamaes7th@gmail.com