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It is my hope and intention to inspire you on your journey of finding your true self... To encourage and help you to nurture your total well being by providing you with knowledge that I have learned and am learning in my day to day journey to my own authenticity... To also provide you with products made with love, care and the best ingredients nature has to offer!
Ella Mae's Seventh Child Essentials are all natural hair and body products made to order in small batches. They are made using no harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives.
Base products are made using only the fragrances of blended pure aroma therapeutic essential oils, butters and carrier oils. The blended pure oil combinations are selected to promote positive wellbeing, either inducing relaxation, stimulation or a combination of both!
Should you require, any product can be custom made especially for you by adding any fragrance you'd like.

I hope you are inspired with every post... That you take with you something positive to carry with you on your path toward your authentic Wholeness~

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Be You... Live You... Love You!

Monday, May 21, 2012

We Are Born to Inspire

I am constantly amazed by the strength of  people that I know and even those whom I meet briefly along the way. The things that we go through on a daily basis, be they small annoyances or major life quaking events, all shape us individually.  But the way in which we carry ourselves through life's challenges have the ability to inspire those around us in ways that we may never know... and that too also amazes me. The thought that our actions, be they negative or positive may touch someone and we never have the opportunity of knowing.
The strength of this realization hits me at times and almost makes me light headed with its weight. It grounds me in the knowing that I am not an island! What I do and say... my reactions to whatever I encounter carry great responsibility and also great consequence.

We all are Essential. It is as the subtitle of this blog states... the definition of  Essential:  Constituting or being part of the essence of something; inherent. Let us remember that we are all members of the same body. We all have the ability to inspire. We are born to create and inspire creativity in others. It is not only about creating that which is physical but also the intangible... We inspire thought and action... a new way of Being as well as Doing. Inspiration is the spark that lights the flame of thought. Creativity is thought in motion. Let us re~member this in every moment. 

As Always,
Be You... Live You... Love you!

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